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1:1 support for teen girls 12+ as they navigate adolescence

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teen coach

Teen Empowerment Coaching

Hi, I'm Tori, a Teen Empowerment Coach with a passion for supporting teen girls on their journey into womanhood. With over 5 years experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by teenagers today, I am committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment where teens can thrive.

If you wish for your teen to feel more confident and equipped to handle the ups and downs of adolescence, my coaching sessions offer the tools to support them on their journey. My intention is to empower teens to understand themselves better, manage their emotions effectively, and navigate their teenage years with greater ease and confidence.

Who I Work With

I specialize in working with young women 12+ who are navigating the complex landscape of growing up. The girls I work with are often dealing with issues related to emotional and physical well-being, social dynamics, academic pressures, and the many changes that come with adolescence. Whether they are struggling with anxiety, stress, self-confidence, or simply looking for guidance and support, I am here to help them understand their inner world and connect to their unique gifts and talents.

What Are Teen Coaching Sessions?

Teen coaching sessions are personalized, one-on-one meetings designed to address the unique needs and concerns of each individual. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space where teens can explore their feelings, develop new coping strategies, and build the skills they need to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

We will explore important topics such as emotional well-being, communication tools, stress management, healthy sexuality, and menstrual cycle awareness, all to support them on their unique personal journey. Each session is tailored to the needs of the teen, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance that is most relevant to their personal experiences.

If you wish for your teen to cultivate a strong sense of self, effective communication skills, and emotional resilience, these sessions are designed to help them thrive. Through a combination of talking and sharing, gentle meditation and breathwork, we will work together to foster a foundation of self-awareness, body literacy and emotional well-being, that will serve them well into adulthood.

Weekly / Bi-weekly/ Monthly Sessions

Price per session: 75$ / £55 / €60 / 225 nis

Recommended: 3 months

If you have a teen in your life who could benefit from some support here is the process to start working with me:

What can teen sessions help with?

  • Emotional well being

  • Self confidence / low self esteem

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Stress management

  • Developing emotional regulation techniques

  • Menstrual cycle awareness and body literacy

  • Age appropriate sex-education

  • Learning communication tools

  • Understanding hormonal fluctuations and how to manage them as a young women

  • Struggles at school / with friends

  • Going through a big change as a teen for example: a parents divorce, moving house, loosing a loved one, moving country, new sibling...

  • Navigating first romantic relationships

Why trust me to support your teenager?

With a BA in Education with Psychology and a MSC in Psychology I have a clear understanding of the developmental stages of childhood and adolescence.

And as a young person and big sister to 4 siblings I offer a space for teens to feel connected, comfortable and at ease with someone who gets them and yet can still offer the answers and support they are searching for...

I am deeply dedicated to supporting teens to feel a sense of control and agency in their lives and decisions. Before working with your teen I offer a 20 minute meeting to introduce myself, explain who I am and a bit about the sessions. I then ask your teen if they feel like they would like to have sessions with me. It must be your teens free choice to work with me.

If you have a teen in your life who could benefit from some support here is the process to start working with me:

Or get in touch to discuss more:

Whatsapp: +972 506823380

Email: milnertori@yahoo.co.uk