Women's Coaching

Transformative coaching journeys and 1 off support sessions for women of all ages. Fall in love with the journey of being a woman

Science and spirituality of your menstrual cycle, fertility awareness for conception and contraception, Rites of Passage.

Create, receive and expand the level of abundance in your life in alignment with nature, your body and your cycle.

Grief holding, miscarriage and abortion support, seasonal ceremonies.

Learn the science and spirituality of your menstrual cycle and naturally heal your period pain and PMS. Connect to the energy and phases of your menstrual cycle, deepen your connection to yourself, your body and your inner-power.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching

  • Menstrual Cycle exploration and alignment

    If you struggle with painful periods, difficult PMS and dread the arrival of your period - this is for you!

    You will learn how to balance your hormones naturally, how to identify your triggers and create a support plan for your emotional fluctuations.

    You will learn how to easily align yourself to the 4 phases of your cycle so that you are working with your menstrual cycle and not against it!

    We will explore both the scientific and spiritual sides of your menstrual cycle so that you can connect to and live in alignment with your cyclical energies.

    Your menstrual cycle can become a connection point to your inner power - lets unlock the magic together!

  • Fertility Awareness Method - natural contraception / conception

    Would you like to learn how to prevent pregnancy naturally? Without all the hormones and without the stress at the end of the month. By learning fertility awareness you will learn the scientific method that uses your body's fertility biomarkers (basal body temperature, cervical fluids and cervical position) to identify your fertile window. Once you have identified your fertile window you can make informed sexual decisions to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

    There is a 3 month learning period before you can use this method as a form of natural contraception and it is important that their is a clear intention and collaboration within your partnership for the highest effectiveness.

Coaching Container:

1h15-1h30 sessions

Weekly or Bi-weekly sessions

$110 / £90 / 350 nis per session

Life Transitions Coaching

During coaching sessions we will connect to the cyclicity of life, and how we feel this both inside ourselves and in the world around us. We will explore how the cyclical nature of life can support us in every stage of our development. A big focus of our work will be connecting to our inner resources and learning how to embrace all the seasons of life. We will learn how to embrace rest, how to prioritise and how to listen to ourselves. Get ready for a deep dive journey into yourself!

  • Transitional support through major life transitions (moving house/country, starting/ending relationship, grief/loss)

    A space to honor and grieve old identities and embrace new empowering identities.

  • Female Archetypes Journey (Maiden-Mother-Queen-Wise Woman)

    Connecting to the unique power and wisdom of each archetype and how each energy can support us differently in our lives. This is also the perfect space if you are feeling "stuck" in one of your life stages and would like support in embracing the next phase in your life.

  • Rites of Passage (Menarche-Motherhood-Menopause)

    Support on the journey of entering a new life phase. Including, the transition from girl to woman (menarche), the transition from woman to mother (motherhood) and moving into peri-menopause and menopause.

Coaching Container:

1h15-1h30 sessions

Weekly or Bi-weekly sessions

$110 / £90 / 350 nis per session

For women who desire to connect to their natural abundant state of being.

Abundance Coaching

Let me show you that there IS another way to make money and live an abundant life. A way that is in alignment with the natural ebb and flow of YOUR energy, a way that doesn’t lead to burnout or exhaustion, a way that feels expansively feminine, a way that is sustainable, safe and in tune with nature and your menstrual cycle. This container is for you if you have the desire to create, receive and expand the level of abundance in your life. If you desire to feel abundant even while you REST. If you desire to understand how to collaborate with your body, cycle and the divine.

Sessions will be deep dives into what is holding you back from and how you can move towards and into your natural abundant state of being. We will work with the energy of our menstrual and life cycles as well as the energy of the 6 petal rose (Faith-Surrender-Service-Abundance-Forgiveness-Overcoming).

Coaching Container:

1h15 - 1h30 sessions

3-12 month commitment

Weekly or bi-weekly

price per session: $110 / £90 / 350 nis


I offer coaching guidance and business mentorship for other coaches looking for some "supervision" style support. Our session are a mix between moments to ask your coaching related questions, opportunities to explore new directions for your clients journeys and your own inner work. Alot comes up when we are holding space for other so this is an opportunity to do the work in a safe container so that you can show up more centred and aligned with your clients.

I also offer support and guidance on setting up and running your own business in alignment with your cycle and the unique energies of your cyclical nature. Sessions can look like brainstorming together, creating mind maps and next steps, marketing and messaging support, working on being seen and charging money, and our ability to let ourselves shine in our innerpower. A beautiful mix between practical and emotional support on this journey.

If you are a spaceholder in need of some spaceholding, please reach out to discuss how I can best support you.


Support Sessions

A nourishing one-off support session for anyone needing a little extra love, support or space holding.

These sessions can include:

--> Desire Mapping: getting clear on what you desire and exploring what is currently getting in the way of moving towards your desires

--> Grief Holding: If you are going through a difficult period and need a one off grief session to feel held in this moment

--> Miscarriage and Abortion support: A soft session for you to feel held while you are going through a challenging time.

--> Seasonal Solstice Ceremonies: These are seasonal sessions around the Summer and Winter Solstice and Spring and Autumn Equinox to support your transition during the seasonal shifts.

--> Menarche / Motherhood/ Menopause Ritual: A session to celebrate and mark the transition into a new life phase. These rituals can be held during the actual transition or even years after.

Session are 1h30-2hs long

Price: $160 / £120 / 600 nis